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Pipe lighter - recommendation

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  • Pipe lighter - recommendation

    Looking for a pipe lighter.
    A few but all have mixed reviews.
    Liked the idea of tools in with the lighter as I can never find a tamper when I need one.
    So looking for recommendations.

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      Had one of these about 18 months now, can't fault it


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        Ah I’d not had a reply so ordered this

        Hope it’s not rubbish.
        VVAY Tobacco Pipe Lighter for Smoking with Metal Tools Angled Soft Flame Butane Gas Refillable Gift for Men Smokers (Sold without Gas)


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          That looks decent, sure it'll do the job.

          ​​​but hey. Can't have enough lighters can you 😂👌


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            My brother-in-law brought me one of these from his trip to Berlin. I'm not really a pipe guy and have no use for it and to be honest not really like my brother-in-law that much so if anyone's interested I can send it. It's a pretty decent pipe lighter made in Japan and that's all I can say about it. They are planning to buy an apartment in Berlin and move to Germany so he's practically taking my little sister away from me, that's what a douche bag he is...