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Mr brog architekt - not

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  • Mr brog architekt - not

    Firstly Mr brog is anything but an architect, this pipe appears to have been been from a tree with a blunt axe I bought it for the novelty value as it's the biggest pipe I've seen.
    ​​​​​​despite the fact that nothing's symmetrical even the bowl is off centre it actually smokes very well, I can't see a tin of baccy lasting very long though as the bowl is enormous.
    i managed an hour 15 minutes on a nearly full bowl then I had to go and lie down and let the nic hit dissipate.
    For the money this will be a perfect pipe for long warmer days.......................Roll on summer

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    I wonder what it looks like
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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      Bear with, I'm having problem uploading photo but imagine a sawn off tree trunk


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          lol this did make me laugh!


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            The Croods spring to mind for some reason
            'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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              looks like a weapon of a pipe!

              i have to admit i have soft spot for mr brog pipes. My first pipe,a cherry bent, cost me about 12 quid and it smokes like a champ.


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                Hi. This is my first time on any kind of forum. Not sure where to go with this but UKCF was suggested by a cigar shop. I have a box (50) of King Edward Invincibles to offload. I occasionally smoke Maharis but these KEI's are not for me. The boxed cigars are triple sealed. There were 2 boxes with 1 sealed pack of 5 and 3 left in the 2nd. They were a great smoke. There are also 2 x 7" Don Sebastian.

                They were given to me as part payment for a small job I did for a woman who's father had just died and she took on the house, and having a clear out. The other daughter was an airliner stewardess. I guess you now get the picture. I live in Bath.

                Any suggestions please?