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  • Cleaning

    Any tips? What do you do? I really must retire my jemar for a while and get my chacom out..

    I generally do a light bowl scrape, soak the stem in vodka, soak pipe cleaners in vodka for the bit of stem on the bowl side and just use pipe cleaners after.

    Any benefit or harm in soaking the bowl for a deep clean?

    I need to rotate. I don't often as I only smoke a bowl probably three nights a week on average (more at the moment I must admit) so it's never wet when I go back to it.. but I don't like getting a stale pipe out of hibernation.. Well, who does!?

    Ps, it's a dying art this isn't it​​​

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    I just rotate my pipes and other than a pipe cleaner I never clean them. A good build up of cake over the years will aid a pipe

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      Maybe in being a bit precious then, I'll do my usual and have a swap for new year 👌