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El Dorado 15yr old Rum

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  • El Dorado 15yr old Rum

    The new branch of 'Aldi' has recently opened up near me so I thought I'd pop along to take a look...

    They currently have the aforementioned Rum for ?29.99, usually retails out at ?45.00...

    Picked up a bottle to sample, needless to say 'very good' and I shall be purchasing more...

    This offer is available across all stores...

    Just thought I'd let you know...!?!

    Cheers, HabanoSy

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    Holy smoke that's a great price, my absolute favourite rum too.

    Thanks for the heads up.
    Exploring the world - one smoke at a time.


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      Can anyone tell me how it compares to the diplomatico reserva exclusiva? I was just about to purchase a bottle. My only quality(ish) rum experience so far has been Havana club 7yo. Looking to develop my rum palette further.


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        Cheers for the heads up Sy, will pop by tomorrow and see if there is any locally.
        Lilpea got a bottle of the diplomatica from the missus (see this thread ---> but havn't had a chance to crack it open yet.

        If I manage to pick up a bottle of this tomorrow, will crack them open and see how they match up


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          Blandy that's some cockup pal!! Hope you managed to rectify it all in the end? Seems as though our girls think along the same lines though...our anniversary is coming up and I found a list of sticks and then "rum?" on a piece of paper the other day! So I'd love to know how they compare so I can drop the hint! Got to say, I'm a little swayed by how cool the diplomaticos bottle is. Let me know how you find it pal.