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about the whiskey exchange shop

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  • about the whiskey exchange shop

    I everyone I was just wondering if anyone had used the whiskey exchange website just want to know if it's a legitimate shop or not thanks

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    if it is this one

    I think I have used them in the past


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      I've used them on several occasions, definitely a legitimate shop (if it's the one which Matty has linked to above - which I presume it would be).

      I have a minor issue with them personally, but have no issues whatsoever with their service or quality of the products they ship.
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        Yeah its this one you both talk about. That's gd cause have a few drinks I like at gd prices


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          I have used the whisky exchange and found the guys to be really helpful. Nice selection in the shop and decent prices. It's close to Borough Market and Monmouth Coffee which turns the visit down there into a very enjoyable event.
          I have a small rum collection and have been building a bourbon collection recently. The Whisky Exchange were very knowledgeable ang guided me well.

          If you want somewhere else, have you tried Gerry's in Soho? The website isn't great but the service in shop is! I have spent a few quid in there recently and they have really looked after me. Again, very knowledgeable and huge range! (They also have lots of bottles open for tasting)

          what at are you looking to get?
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            I use the shop linked on a regular basis. A great place to purchase Balvenie Portwood at a reasonable price. A perfectly legit business.


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              hmmmmm very helpful. cheers gents. before then, i only knew of RoyalMileWhiskies

              i love browsing through these sites.... every time i go on one of these, i take search for "Port Ellen" and i sigh at everything and everyone i see go by. the "Hart Brothers" and "Gordan&Macphail" editions seem reasonably priced though...... maybe if i didn't eat for a week
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                Used them many times. Had nothing but good prices and perfect service.

                NB - I always shop around as they are often (but not always) the cheapest.
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                  As above and also use master of malt plus I get trade price :-)

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