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Using the Caribbean Twist Mixed Up Mango

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  • Using the Caribbean Twist Mixed Up Mango

    So you can get this everywhere but what I enjoy doing is putting this in the blender with some ice, Malibu and the havana club 3 year white rum blend it all together and bam a light flavourful drink that packs more of a punch than it should depends on how much extra rum you throw in (in my case a generous amount). Then pour it into a glass of your choice, in my case my lovely Franzikaner pint glass.

    So now the only thing left is maybe a cigar the weather is quite where it needs to be though, we will see though as it is very tempting....

    But anyway a great little cocktail if you want a bit more punch than the caribbean twist cocktail mixes normally provide, next on my list comes from my boss who has just started Cigar smoking and as a fellow rum lover her suggestion is Woods Rum so will be trying that very soon. Anyway happy drinking everyone enjoy this long weekend and hope the weather is good were you are.
    I never smoke to excess - that is, I smoke in moderation, only one cigar at a time.- Mark Twain

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    Sounds good, as does a cigar smoking, rum drinking boss
    "Go you good things...geddem int'ya"


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      good info.