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    In my spare time once a week I go to Aikido and on one of the various get togethers outside of Aikido I have had the great delight of trying some sublime Sake of which there are 100's of variant. Despite misconceptions certain Sake may be drank cold while others hot or warm and it is vastly becoming one of my favourite tipples when relaxation is ki (bad Aikido joke there) or if I am having Sushi which is rare as that is a treat.

    But Sake with a Cigar on colder day (Not so cold as to be bad weather but cold enough that some warm Sake might be nice is an excellent combo) although I must confess that I enjoy warm Sake year round as it is my favourite type of Sake and when I say warm I really mean Hot its excellent especially if you get decent Sake.

    So in short, if you have never had Sake go out and try some now in general the best place is normally an authentic Japanese Sushi restaurant (and if you have never sampled a Sushi set meal which isnt all Sushi which as I found out is actually partially or lightly cooked, but also includes things like Tempura, Japanese Chicken, and Wassabi Beef, then do so and have the full experience)

    But if you don't due to allergies or you know what you just don't want to and all you want is a nice drink, get yourself a bottle of Sake enjoy with a friend and see what you think. Just something I thought I'd share and not something that comes to mind but is very nice and like a lot of things can make a fine companion to a good cigar.
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    Got a small bottle of sake from the owners at work but never opened it as yet


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      Never heat a really good Sake.

      Love the stuff, one of my favourite drinks for sure.

      Edit: I should clarify what I mean by good. I am talkng about high grade Sake such as Ginjo and especially Daiginjo. Some "low grade" Futsuu is still pretty decent stuff.

      Personally I stick to Junmai and Honjozu and dont heat it. In fact Futsuu is the only stuff I will heat these days... It stands up to it. The higher grade stuff can lose it's subtlety IMO
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        As with all fine things, you need to get some of the good stuff. But if you do, Sake has a very broad band of flavours and is fantastically complex.