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  • Whiskey of The Month Club

    Been looking into this idea for a Whiskey of the Month and just gauging what interest there might be at the minute.

    I'll source a different bottle if Whiskey each Month and then send out 60 ml samples in the post; reveal at the end of the month like the COTM.

    Looking at some drinks pouches to hold the samples and a jiffy bag should keep the p&p fairly low so for example an ?80 bottle would be around ?8.50 each posted for a Double Shot.

    Would be looking to source some whiskeys that are a bit different and might give some of us a chance to try some stuff we wouldn't usually come into contact with without paying the 3x the bottle price whiskey shops charge for samples.

    Let me know if you'd be interested, need around 10 for it to be starter, unless we do larger samples.

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    ?80 bottles are quite a bit above where I usually play (?50 tops) but it's not a terrible idea... I'd probably rather wait until we can meet up in the real, each bring a bottle and share it over a session or two though I think. Great idea with some cigars. Then check into a hostel presumably.
    Stay smoky


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