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Thursday 15th October 2020

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    Originally posted by Deano View Post

    Hm they are very very nice and chocolatey yes, but I think the Maltes is even better. Addicted to them, but I would be because they're expensive grrrr
    Thanks sounds good and the Maltes may be next if these are good. I like the FOH reviews, generally they are on point but the Part Mad 2 they reviewed recently was not quite the chocolate bomb they were claiming so I'm still on the lookout.


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      Originally posted by Simon Bolivar View Post

      Nice, you don't see so many Dippy's these days (being all deleted except the No2), where did you find yours Banos, or is it from an old box you had stashed away? BTW has anyone seen some recently made No2's for sale?
      Have seen Dip2 boxes reviewed and for sale recently with codes as late as RAT NOV 19 so far. Will keep an eye out to note any 20 codes if I see any out of interest.

      Ajay had a box with 5 left when i last visited, so I took them.
      I think I may finally have this CAD under control...