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Herf in Surrey 10.07.08

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  • Herf in Surrey 10.07.08

    Hi guys,

    (Montesmoke) and I had a couple of good smokes and few beers today in Surrey and here are some pictures:
    Herf3.jpg Herf4.jpg

    Monte is the guy in white shirt - and I am the good looking one in green

    The metal case with great cigars is his and the Maduro Secretos next to it are mine.

    We had a good laugh -gonna do it again and hopefully some of you guys will join...
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    Ah man thats brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing the pics too, it should only help with the board.

    I'm totally up for the next one, however, I'll need to improve my collection first or you'll both embarass me!


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      Great early evening herf with jan nice guy, be good to get a crowd in august sometime, no doubt jan & i will have a few local herfs
      God i look mashed in that photo
      If you got em, Smoke em!


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        Yep I'm up for a meet then.


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          Looks like you both had a good herf, so i don't won't to miss the next. I live in Cheshire but work alot down south so if you can give me a rough date and place I would love to meet up.
          Love Life - Love Cigars


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            Will try organise a herf in central london in august sometime & maybe one in brighton near Deano, for all the members.
            Will post some dates up soon
            If you got em, Smoke em!


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              Hope Deano throws him out asap


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                God, brilliant looking smokes...I'm drooling again....