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Not so much a newbie...

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  • Not so much a newbie...

    ...more of a long-term absentee.

    I?ve been away from cigar smoking for some time due to health issues that are easily avoided by not drinking or smoking, so it has been really fun...

    I won?t pretend I?m here to get started again, but I have a few cigars and no reason to keep them, so I?ll keep chipping in over the next month then hopefully I can sell everything and be on my way again.

    I was quite active on here buying and selling a while back, so hopefully my reputation will stand me in good stead.

    I hope you guys are all ok, plenty of old faces still knocking around.

    All the best,


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    Good to see you back Chris.


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      You too pal, how are the family doing?


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        Welcome back.

        Sadly few people giving up for health reasons. All the best for the future.
        I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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          Originally posted by Budgie Smuggler View Post
          You too pal, how are the family doing?

          Great thanks mate. And yours?


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            All good thanks ��


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              Hey...good to see you back...sadly for the wrong reason. Hope the quitting has helped.


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                Welcome back, as we have said before it's only when you have less health, you can truly appreciate what health you have so good on you for making the decision & I am sure you're rep is still good here.
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                  Hi Chris,

                  I had a similar situation and Deano kindly gave me my PM's back so I could offload what I had left.

                  Only problem now is that I've been perusing lots of posts since and am missing being able to partake!


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                    Welcome back. Who can forget your avatar!


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                      Welcome back mate.