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    Hello to you all, I just signed up to UKCF as a complete novice. Never smoked anything more than the odd, ahem, joint in my yoof, and that was well over thirty five years ago!

    I tried my first ever cigar at the Long Bar in Shanghai a few years ago. I was so overcome by the colonial ambience that I felt a cigar was absolutely necessary! That was the sum of my experience apart from the a couple more at annual Burns Suppers.

    Fast forward to a month ago when, on impulse, I wandered in to Davidoff in London where the jolly helpful Max Foulkes put together a wee beginner starter kit for me comprising a Hoyo Du Depute, a Trinidad Reyes, and a San Cristobal El Principe.

    I enjoyed the Du Depute best, but in all honesty I can't say I really tasted anything other than 'smoke' with any of them! I did try to discern differences or flavours but no, nothing! My palate seems to be non-existent....

    Will I ever taste cocoa, nuts in the reviews? Either way, I love the whole ritual of cutting, lighting and so on.


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    Welcome onboard Jorrocks!

    Sounds like you're off to a great start.

    As for the lack of palate, I don't find all these flavours either really. You will find some smoother or more creamy, some with a bit of spice (something along the lines of black pepper), and some with a more grassy vegetation taste (usually when they are too young and need some time in a humidor). You'll probably notice slight differences in flavour the more smokes you have had to compare....but I'm yet to get all the fancy flavours you refer to.

    I only got into cigar smoking last year and I've enjoyed it a lot, it's a lovely way to unwind and relax.

    Have fun!


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      Welcome to the forum.


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        Welcome to this forum and to the wonderful world of cigars.


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          Welcome, interesting introduction


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            Thank you for the welcome everyone!

            Max, I’ve just read your cigar journey thread - Really interesting and informative. Easy to see how this hobby can (will?) get out of hand😀


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              Originally posted by Jorrocks View Post
              Thank you for the welcome everyone!

              Max, I’ve just read your cigar journey thread - Really interesting and informative. Easy to see how this hobby can (will?) get out of hand😀
              I've controlled myself pretty well so far..... some of the other guys on here, well, just read some more threads from the 'New in the humidor' section of the forum


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                I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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                    Hi and welcome to the forum


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                      Hi Jorrocks - welcome to the forum always good to see new faces on the forum. Take your time smoking your cigars and try not to rush the experience. As to taste, this is something that you can develop. Blowing smoke out through your mouth will ultimately limit the range of flavours you can perceive. To enhance your experience you could try to retrohale, ie blowing some of the smoke out through your nose. Although if you’ve not done that before it’s not for the faint hearted. Retrohaling even a small amount of smoke will open up a vastly wider range of flavours and aromas.
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                        Welcome to UKCF!

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