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Hi everyone

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  • Hi everyone

    Hi everybody.
    I joined this forum as im really interested in starting to try out cigar smoking and i wanted some expert advice off you guys if i may!
    Ive never smoked cigarettes in my life but i find cigars a real interest how they are made what flavours and brands from the real expensive to the cheep and affordable.
    As im a begginer what are my options for a first time smoke? I have been recomemded a upmann half corona as a starter but i would like to hear some opinions from you guys and girls who know your stuff.
    And by the way what a great forum you have!!!!!

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    Welcome aboard Jamie, you could be opening Pandora's box by asking for suggestions so I'll just say that yes, the HUHC is a good starting point.
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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      Thank you for the quick reply PeeJay!
      I also wanted to add im from rotherham south yorkshire neer sheffield - does anyone know of a good cigar shop anywhere neer? I only know of mitchells wine merchants. Thanks again. J


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        Welcome to the forum Jamie.
        I've visited Mitchells a couple of years back when my daughter was competing in athletics nearby.
        It had a decent selection then. For a comparison try the site sponsor -


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          Also, if you are looking to try a bigger smoke, then I would look at a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No.2.
          You will find this a flavoursome, mild smoke.


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            Welcome Jamie, it's good to have a fellow northerner on board. I'm just on the border between Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham so you can't live too far away. I'm afraid Mitchell's is about the best there is locally, I actually went to school and college with the daughter of the owner. The only other place I know locally is Kingsize in Sheffield near castle market, assuming it's still there that is, I haven't been in at least 5 years.


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              Thanks for the replys everyone.
              Alexw33 yeh its a shame that theres no other shops close by to us but mitchells does have a good range and they are helpfull as ive been in and had a chat with one of the staff members before.
              We go to bridlington everyother weekend and i cant find one shop there that sells cigars at all.
              Theres a black sheep shoppe at wakefield so im told?


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                Hi jamie. Welcome to UKCF.

                I would try as many singles as possible....I would say stay away from the larger long smokes such as a Churchill and toros as you might not be able to take the nic hit.

                I'd stick to corona, minito and roubsto sizes cigars.

                I'd try Trinidad Reyes or viaga
                San Cristobal EL Princpe
                Monte 5 or 3
                Paragas D4 or mille fleur
                RyJ no 3

                Are good places to start on your cigar journey

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                  Yeah it is, I've always thought Sheffield was missing a really good cigar shop and I've considered the possibility of opening one but I'm not sure I have nerve to take the plunge. I'm not sure about Wakefield but Leeds has a good shop called Greens I believe. Again it's been years since I've been as I now do 90% of my buying when I'm on holiday. When I first started buying singles, supermarkets held a decent stock of hand made tubed cigars but I'm not sure they do anymore.


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                    Thanks for the recomendations SHAMZ84
                    Ill look those up on the sponsers website and read the reviews. Were off to the caravan again atthe weekend all being well so im gunna buy a cupple to try while were away its more peacefull at seaside than here at crappy old rotherham!
                    And thats a good idea Alexw33! Im a self employed mechanic and if i diddent have just took the jump years ago i would have never have done it! Just go for it! Theres deffinetly a gap in the market for it!


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                      Originally posted by Alexw33 View Post
                      Welcome Jamie, it's good to have a fellow northerner on board.
                      Yes! Finally getting some fellow barbarians to balance out this whole North/South divide !

                      Welcome to the forum Jamie! I can only second what a lot of these more experienced folks have said regarding recommendation; and the Epicure No.2 is a firm favourite of mine; truly delicious smoke!

                      Hope the weather keeps it's chin up for the coast!
                      Only the impossible is worth the effort.

                      JEANETTE WINTERSON,


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                        Welcome to the forum. I've bought a few samplers from the forums sponsors over the years and it is a good way to start.

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                          Originally posted by jamie101 View Post
                          Ill look those up on the sponsers website and read the reviews. Were off to the caravan again atthe weekend all...
                          If your new hobby relies on the acquiescence of a 'Her Indoors' (as it does for many of us without dedicated 'man caves'), then I suggest outside the caravan, at least to start with!

                          I'm a relative newbie too (and a former complete non-smoker), so inevitably it's a case of 'what they said' on the recommendations above (there is always great advice here).

                          I started with a HUHC (and still enjoy them for short smokes, for example last night) but my newbie palate also took to the Hoyo de Monterey Petit Robusto which I'd thoroughly recommend, and then pretty quickly the smaller Bolivars (although, as a brand it's another case where, as Shamz84 says, you have to be ready for the nic hit). I'd second the Trini Reyes as a starter. I found the Patagas D4 a bit too much first off, although I enjoy it now.
                          And then there's all the the non-CC's which I haven't even dipped a toe into yet but where, again, there'll be great advice here.


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                              What a great forum! Thanks to all for makinge feel welcome!
                              I think im gunna stick with the HUHC as my first smoke as ive read the reviews on the sponsers website and its got a 5 star rating and then ill try the Hoyo de Monterey Petit Robusto recomemded by you guys.
                              Im gunna go to mitchells now and get a HUHC now to try tonight. Ive been recovering from the sore throte and cold over the last week or so but i think im fit enuf now to have a smoke!