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Jenady Checking In

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  • Jenady Checking In

    Hi. My name is Jim.

    I live 50 miles west of St. Louis, Missouri, USA on 6 acres of land.

    I retired from Boeing (McDonnell Douglas, McDonnell Aircraft) last March. Life is good.

    I started smoking cigars in October, 2009 and joined and I also renewed an old interest in pipe smoking. My wife often joins me on the front porch for an evening cigar and drink. Life is good.

    I enjoy playing pool. I also sell and repair pool cues.

    I have a small collection of Single Malts and Bourbon. I am just getting into fine Rums as an accompaniment to cigars.

    My mid-life crisis symbol is my '06 Honda S2000. I do love to go fast in that little car.

    I also picked up a nasty habit from a member here called shuckins. I do enjoy dropping a SBD (silent but deadly) bomb on occasion.

    I make stoggie nubbers.

    Enough of all that. I need to go read about everyone else.
    "In my experience, buying two cigars so you can share with a buddy is always better then buying one cigar just for yourself." swingerofbirches

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    Welcome, Jim!

    Enjoy the forum!


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      Welcome Jim
      Free the UKCF one


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        Welcome Jim...

        Nice intro...

        Cheers, HabanoSy


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          Welcome Jim... Plenty of us have been the victim of shuckins.. lol.. hope your not as barmy as he is.. welcome to the club lol


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            Hello. Welcome to the forum.


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              Welcome to the forum Jim.


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                Welcome Jim...i only hope that evil Shuckins is not building up an army of suicide bombers, he's sneaky that way..
                I started out with nothing and i've still got most of it left - Seasick Steve


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                  Welcome to the forum Jim I'm sure you will enjoy the friendly banter and conversation that the people here bring.



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                    Welcome and enjoy the family here.


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                      Welcome mate!

                      My mid-life crisis symbol is my '06 Honda S2000. I do love to go fast in that little car.
                      hahahah niceee!


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                        Welcome to the forums. I started just before you did last year, like yourself I'm hooked. I have also just started with a pipe and am loving that also

                        Good to have you here


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                          welcome Jim,hope my retirement turns out to be a tenth as good as yours sounds
                          "For what could be more beautiful than the heavens which contain all beautiful things." - Nicholas Copernicus, 1543


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                            another yank ? Good to have you here


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                              Nice intro and read Jim, welcome again.
                              "Go you good things...geddem int'ya"