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AussieWaz ie Tashaz.

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  • AussieWaz ie Tashaz.

    Hi all. I thought I might do this now to get it out of the way & let you all understand Tash & I a little better.

    We are an Australian couple that both enjoy cigars, me a few a day, Tash one a week or so. We run our own Automotive Engineering business. That is we rebuild motors & cylinder heads for a living.

    We enjoy the company of two young boys aged 2 & 6 and love life to the fullest at every opportunity as we have battled the big C twice together in the last 3 years (Pancreatic & Breast). We are happy, cheeky and love to bomb/PIF whenever possible. Oh yes, we BS on occasion as well.

    We hold little in the way of cigars on hand. LMAO. (This is one humi)

    Thankyou all for listening and we look forward to spending some time here.

    Regards, Warren & Tash.
    What would I know? I'm just a backwoods roo packin crim from New Holland! LOL. (Thankyou El Cat)

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    Great to meet you bud, great looking humi and you say you have more

    Also good news that you have beaten the Big C, both of you

    I look forward to your posts


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      wow, what can I say. More power to your positive thoughts. Humi looks great!
      No man has the right to fix the boundary of a nation.
      No man has the right to say to his country, "Thus far shalt thou go and no further."

      CS Parnell


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        Awesome to have you here.


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          always good to get a couple more cheery people on here. some nice boxes in that humi too!
          Lover of fine Cubans since 2006


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            Good to have you both here...

            Nice collection!


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              Welcome aboard


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                Hi again Warren (+Tash)
                Welcome home and dive on in, the waters loverly!

                Good to get a bit of background, and nice to see a few more Aussie members (We haven't got many, well, not sane one's anyhow - um, no offence the rest of you).

                Love the bloody minded-ness of you buggers, you never give up!
                I just wish you wouldn't sulk so much when you don't win at: rugby/cricket/football matches, I'm tired of our boys having to let you win just so you don't start moaning on about being a bloody prison colony.

                It's the 21st Century now, lets let bygones be bygones now, hey?
                Nothing to feel embarrassed, ashamed or inferior about, some of my best friends have rustled the odd sheep here and there, and they're considered upstanding pillars of the community (doing service).

                Anyhow, um, what do you call it . . er, 'cobber'? (Is that right?)
                I have a small, but very important (some might consider it vital) task for you to perform!
                If you wouldn't mind, could you fill your sink (you do have them 'down under'?) with water, then pull out the plug and see which way round the water spins as it drains out.

                I've always wanted to know.
                No hurry, I'll wait.
                Originally posted by DRAGMASTER
                Every time I sleep with a girl I smoke a cigar while we do it. It's exciting and makes you feel strong, manly and empowered.


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                  Hi Both .... an' welcome indoors .... sorry our Barbee's broke!
                  If you want to, you can.
                  And, if you can, you must!


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                    nice one warren always good to know a bit more about botl (and sotl) and more pics of your humis are a very good thing


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                      Hello Warren and Tash, once again welcome to the club... Really great to hear you have both beaten the big c makes my minor problems look very fable, i remove my hat and i bow my head humbly before you.



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                        G' Day Blue! You sound a fair duikum couple for sure. Beating cancer can never be easy, having two young children must have been especially hard; although I guess they must have given you the incentive to get through the courses of treatment & come through the other side.
                        Great stock you've got built up there & a wife who actually indulges as well, you have both been tested but you have both as surely been well blessed too
                        Simon Bolivar: Liberator of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru & Venezuela.


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                          Welcome! Interesting background and nice humidor pic.
                          Business in the front. Party in the back.
                          UKCF is now mobile friendly!

                          The Mullet Dog is so on fleek!


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                            Thankyou one & all for the kind welcome. I should have written it clearer, Tash has survived both cancers, I've just had to survive her surviving! LMAO.

                            El Catador: I could do the sink test but it's a national secret. That's why no one has the definitive answer yet. As far as the ball sports go, well, sorry about all the winning we do. I'm going to call Ricky now and have a word with him about that.
                            What would I know? I'm just a backwoods roo packin crim from New Holland! LOL. (Thankyou El Cat)


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                              Good to have you both here. Never good having to fight that fight, but on the other side of it now and long may the good times be.
                              "Come in here, dear Boy, have a cigar" ....Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)