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Hi from Washington USA

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  • Hi from Washington USA

    Last edited by smelvis; 30-07-2010, 12:46 AM. Reason: Added much needed text.

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    Welcome Dave, any friend of Shuckins is a friend of ours.
    Free the UKCF one


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      Welcome to the forums Dave. As Boss said , any friend of Rons


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        Greeting smelvis . . 'u'huh'.

        Welcome to the forums . . 'Thank ya very much'

        An 'American' you say? . . 'A Little less conversation'

        And from Washington too! . . 'A little more action'

        Don't worry, we won't hold it against you! . . 'C'mon, c'mon'.

        Originally posted by DRAGMASTER
        Every time I sleep with a girl I smoke a cigar while we do it. It's exciting and makes you feel strong, manly and empowered.


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          Greetings Dave, welcome to the UK... now remember when you stick up a post you will need to have your passport in your pocket as you will have travelled to the UK.. Welcome, looking forward to your posts


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            Welcome! Any friend of Shuckins is a friend of ours.


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              TA Da

              Originally posted by Boss Hog View Post
              Welcome Dave, any friend of Shuckins is a friend of ours.


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                Hi and welcome.
                Originally posted by Simon Bolivar
                Little medical correction there Steve, you will surely die...but not from smoking these

                Originally posted by Ryan
                I think that's for lighting electronic cigarettes


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                  Hi and welcome along, it's all good here.
                  "Come in here, dear Boy, have a cigar" ....Roger Waters (Pink Floyd)


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                    Hi Dave.

                    To the UK Cigar Forum Members : Be wary, Dave has been known to do a really convincing imitation of Shuckins elsewhere! LMAO.

                    P.S. He's not kidding about the addresses. You've been warned. LOL
                    What would I know? I'm just a backwoods roo packin crim from New Holland! LOL. (Thankyou El Cat)


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                      hi dave!
                      welcome to the ukcf!!


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                        Originally posted by Deano View Post
                        Welcome! Any friend of Shuckins is a friend of ours.
                        Absolutely. Hi and welcome.
                        Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.


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                          Hi Dave and to the UKCF


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                            Welcome Dave!

                            It's good to have you here.

                            As its already been said, "Any friend of Shuckins, is a friend of ours."


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                              Glad you made it Dave. It is beginning to feel a lot like home here.

                              "In my experience, buying two cigars so you can share with a buddy is always better then buying one cigar just for yourself." swingerofbirches