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any good tobacconist in Nottingham

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  • any good tobacconist in Nottingham

    Want to restart my pipe smoking and the odd Cuban cigar,,wheres the best place to go in Nottingham ???? like the oldie tobacco shops as they give the best advice..Is there a pipe club in nottingham thanks

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    Welcome, you have Gauntleys and GQ.

    GQ runs a pipe club and is possibly the most knowledgeable pipe tobacco blender in the UK.

    Edit: it may be more accurate to say that GQ sponsors the pipe club.
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      It would be nice to hear more about you in the newbie thread Sonic
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        My brother has ordered a pipe and plenty of tobacco from GQ but never been in. I've used Gauntley's a couple of times, they run cigar tastings but I haven't actually been to any, one coming up at Saltwater in the Corner House.


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          Hi Sonic try this


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            try this link too


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