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    Crapatalk, or Tapacrap, is just that unfortunately. I find it very very slow to load threads or posts sometimes.

    Using the website. Try double clicking your image after uploading it, you should then be able to choose the size you want. Not from a mobile browser though...

    Hence the strange success of Crapacrap.
    I think I may finally have this CAD under control...


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      Originally posted by Kickback View Post
      Sorry to resurrect this but how do you post pictures of a decent size? When I upload a file it shows as a thumbnail and not the large pictures everyone else seems to be able to post.
      No I won't use Tapatalk as I've heard horrid things about it.
      What am I doing wrong?
      Tapatalk or an image hosting site to upload them to are the options really to avoid that

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        Ah I only browse from my phone.


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          Tapatalk works fine for me.....the browser experience on the done isn't great imo


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            Tapatalk works for me. Otherswise you could use imgur to host the pic then post the img url via the website, but that's clunky
            Stay smoky


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              Originally posted by Kickback View Post
              Mines Samsung and even if I edit and save as something else still fails to load.
              Have the same problem, Tapatalk doesn't won't to work for me on Sony phone either; really frustrating!
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