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  • Image help

    Posting images... someone's gonna have to explain... Frustration city here!

    I click on the little picture icon, then search my phone for the image and click Open, then I click 'upload image' but it's not really a button, then I either get an error, or nothing in my post, or sometimes a tiny icon image appears in my post.

    How do you get the nice big images in your posts?

    I'm on Android.



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    It can be hit and miss with the app but generally I've not had any issues I just click on the icon at the bottom of the page and select gallery and add. I'm sure one of the tech gurus will be along shortly to give a step by step guide[emoji4][emoji1303]

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      Try to use Tapatalk.


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        What I do once I've taken a picture is then edit it and crop the size down as much as possible. If the picture is 2.00 size or over it won't load up for me. Cropping the image usually takes it under 2.00 and allows it to load up without any problems. I'm using Android too.


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          You either need small file sizes, to use tapatalk or to to use another external image host. Think they?re the only three options really

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