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Apologies for the delay since my last episode but in real time frame, I only arrived back in the UK mid August so we are not far out. Just going to tie things up this weekend &get on with the final crazy raffle. You guys will be the first to get the details but it will be open to everyone.

Part 16B When I am a complete Bast**d
So I am playing Uckers (a RN version of Ludo but more complicated) on the floor of my cabin, with three other medic?s, having a beer when Sindy walked in & asked to have a word with me. Seizing the moment I deliberately snapped. ?Can?t it wait a moment, can?t you see I am playing Uckers?? The guys all looked up a bit surprised by my tone, Sindy simply burst into tears. ?They have just told me my father has cancer & they don?t know if he?ll die before I can get home!?
She walked out & the guys let rip with some well deserved comments. I got up & sobered up fast. I found her just outside the door & I took her to her cabin. We talked for a while & then she was sent for by her divisional officer, a Sister. I went with her & unusually the Sister let me stay. I guess she knew about us & realised Sindy needed some support. They arranged for her to be put on the next little white ship going to Montevideo & then on home along with the next batch of patients to be backloaded. The Sister said that the end was in sight & it was only a matter of days before the Argentines surrendered so Sindy could be spared, although she would of course be expected to nurse the patients en-route.

We had a little time together & she was off the next day. It was a pretty crappy end to our onboard romance we kissed & made up (she hadn?t guessed I was trying to break up of course) & she said I could always drop around for coffee at the flat she rented in Gosport. I replied that I really hoped she would get so see her father before the end.
According to Paul Simon, ?There must be 50 ways to leave your lover? but has there ever been a more badly timed one?