Tonight's Thursday Night smoke is one of the most popular Cigars in the Partagas range in recent years. The Partagas P2 is a behemoth of a Cigar, full bodied, complex and very, very tasty.

One of my favourite big smokes, I find the Partagas P2 one of the best Cigars to come out of Cuba in recent years. Since it?s release in 2005, they have been consistently great. I find myself choosing these above any other Torpedo shaped Cigar. Whether it is the Bolivar Belicosos Finos, the H. Upmann No. 2 or even the greatest Torpedo of them all, the Montecristo #2.

The Partagas P2 I?m smoking is from October 2010. A young Cigar, I might be smoking this a little too early. Hopefully the Cigar will smoke beautifully and will cast all doubts I may have of it.

As you can see from the picture above. The construction is excellent. It may not be in the class of the Limited Editions, or the Cohiba Behike range in construction, but it?s just enough to give anyone a classy smoke.
Cutting the Partagas is no problem at all. On the draw, it seems just a tad looser than I would normally expect from not only a Partagas P2 but any Cuban Cigar.

After lighting the Cigar and taking in a few draws, the flavour is distinctively Partagas. There?s leather, a tad amount of sweetness that is just... divine. It all works perfectly. Already, this is a good smoke, however, I found moving into the second half of the Partagas I could detect some greenness the mid-palette.

Damn! I hoped that the Cigar wasn't too young, but it was. Nine months wasn?t enough for the Cigar to have diminish the dreaded sick period At the end of the Cigar, I went to bed with a slightly upset stomach, and an unsatisfying smoking experience.

Along with the H. Upmann Magnum 50 that I smoked the Thursday before this one, I?m finding the bigger the smoke, the bigger the amount of time you have to leave a Cigar age. This may not be true. I may just be unlucky, but at the moment I?m finding anything that is bigger than a Robusto and has less than two years of age on it needs to be left alone.

Of course you may say, the bigger the Stogie, the more tobacco there is, and therefore if there is ammonia present, you?re going to get a bigger dosage of the stuff. So you are going to find it. Obviously, I need to find some big sticks with some age on them. The search starts today.