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Guantanamera Cristales.

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  • Guantanamera Cristales.

    Please excuse any mistakes I make with the terminology because this is my first attempt at a cigar review.

    My initial impressions are quite hopeful because this comes packed in a really nice looking clear packing tube.
    On removing the stick from its container, it looks like a really well made cigar. The wrapper is consistent down the
    length of the cigar. I was looking for an oily appearance, which I have read about in the many reviews I have read
    so far. Unfortunately this example looked very dry. Maybe it required some time in a humidor to give it some moisture.
    The feel along the length was very consistent. I only felt one small spot where there was a soft appearance to the construction.
    In my extremely limited experience, it does appear to be well packed.

    Lighting the cigar was very straight forward and within approximately thirty seconds it was ready to smoke.
    I made sure, at this point, that I did not get carried away due to my excitement at smoking a CC for review so I
    took it nice and steady. The draw and burn was what I was hoping for. A really comfortable draw and a consistent burn.
    This is pretty much where the good points end. Initially, this stick was very bitter with no flavour showing through.
    This remained consistet through the first third of the stick. The ash was falling approximately every 20-25mm.

    With this being my first real smoke, I wanted to hang in there in the hope that some sort of earthy, chocolaty, caramel,
    leathery or any other flavour would start to appear. Sadly it did not. At this point my daughter walked into my office and
    said it smelled like I was smoking cigarettes. I did, however, persevere to give this stick every chance to redeem itself.
    The total smoke time was approximately 85 minutes.

    As the many other reviews before me have stated though, it did not. I did manage to give it some justice and get to the end though.

    In conclusion, I am not too disappointed. I was expecting this. I have been fortunate that I have a good friend in Simon G who
    has spent unlimited hours explaining the many queries I had when I first showed interest in becoming a cigar smoker, therefore
    I know there is far better to come. I was a long term cigarette smoker, and managed to quit them five years ago. I felt, however,
    that tonight I have sat here in the comfort of my office and smoked ten fags.
    I have asked my wife and daughter how they went about selecting this gift for me and they told me that they entered the
    shop and explained to the gentleman behind the counter that I was a novice and wanted an introduction to the wonderful world
    of cigar smoking. This was his recommendation.
    I am of the opinion that without the support of Simon, I could very well have been finished with cigars before I had really got going.
    I would never recommend this stick to anyone, never mind a beginner.

    I hope I have not made any incorrect statements or assumptions in this review with it being my first, but this is just my honest opinion.

    I am really looking forward to my next experience.

    Onwards and upwards.


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    Great first review Johnny, keep up the good work
    'Cigars are a hobby, cigarettes an addiction'


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      Great review! Really, thanks.
      Licky Licky before Sticky Sticky. - Puff Scotty 22/03/14

      Originally posted by PeeJay
      I get longing looks from guys walking past

      Originally posted by butternutsquashpie
      A purge follows a rapid puffing session.


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        Thanks for your responses guys. I am just trying to do my bit to repay the forum for the fantastic
        advice and information I have benefitted from so far. It may be amateurish, but I have give it my best shot.


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          In every hobby we take on we are amatures johnny in time we become experts.


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            Originally posted by TonyN View Post
            In every hobby we take on we are amatures johnny in time we become experts.

            Hopefully Tony. Time and a fair bit of coin.


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              Affraid so, we all have to take that route.


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                Great honest review Johnny.
                Onwards and upwards.
                I look forward to reading your future reviews.
                "Gentlemen, you may smoke."
                King Edward VII


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                  Originally posted by MarkLondon View Post
                  Great honest review Johnny.
                  Onwards and upwards.
                  I look forward to reading your future reviews.


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                    Shame the cigar didn't go down well. But blooming well done for persevering with it for as long as you did! And also, WOW! what a fantastic review... I can't wait to read a review on a cigar that's a hit! Fantastic review bud! Great read and great pix... Thanks for the positive words too, wish you well


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                      Perfect review Johnny, we wanted to tell you that the Guantanamera's are a bit shit but, it would've spoiled the thoughtfulness of your wife & daughter. It seems that the guy in the shop has limited knowledge, it's not the girl's fault at all.
                      At least you know the next CC that you smoke will have a fair bit more quality to it & give you faith in our cigar 'hobby'
                      Onwards & upwards



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                        Cheers everyone. Looking forward to the next one.


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                          Well you've made the rest of us (well, me) look like lazy bums with our reviews. These are, how can I put it, not good cigars. Try something like a Montecristo Open or a Hoyo de Monteray maybe for your next one? Accessible but far better.


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                            Thanks Ed. I will add the recommendations to my list.
                            This list is getting bigger by the hour.


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                              Maybe the shop owners range of Cubans was limited and this was the best he had? But yes, extremely thoughtful from your loved ones good intentions.
                              Or! Possibly they asked for the worst one, so to put you off cigars