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Cuban consistency (or lack of)

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    Originally posted by ha_banos View Post

    This was my point about the months if not years for LE/Reserva etc. of process and selection going into what the rollers produce thats supposed to normalise some of the variation. The rollers are given select bundles and told the blend to roll. But as you're saying, there are differences!

    I'm actually somewhat glad my palette is very simple as it means I dont tell the subtle diffrences
    So I suppose it also comes down to a variation in how the rollers are blending, even if they are told how the blend should be. I don't think my palette is is especially refined but I can certainly taste good from bad


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      I think the problem for habanos is the limited amount of tobacco at hand. While NCs use stock that has been aged over years, they have more tobacco at hand to blend in a way that results in a specific flavour profile. The more you have to choose from,the easier it is to replicate a specific flavour I'd assume.

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        The beauty of a handmade product is no two are identical, that goes for cigars, fine glass and crystal, porcelain etc. So a box will all have a similar appearance but not identical. My only real winge with the variance between cigars in a box is how do the tightly rolled and plugged ones get through quality control. With regards to flavour I find Cohiba have a distinct flavour across the vitolas as do Upmann, and I can definitely identify the marks I’m not fond of.

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